Your Enemy’s Enemy Is Not Necessarily Your Friend

I know it’s only days before the election, and whatever I say here probably won’t change anybody’s mind. Worse still, it will only attract trolls to my site. But this is something I feel strongly about, and I need to just spill it out.

First and foremost, to all my friends in Hong Kong and around the world who support Hongkongers’ fight against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), please know that I’m with you all the way. But I cannot agree with you in supporting Donald Trump–because he is a selfish, racist, misogynistic liar and a dictator-worshipper. He is not someone anyone can count on.

Trump could care less whether the people of Hong Kong suffer or not. He only cares about how he would look in front of his supporters. He does not do anything that is not beneficial to himself. Whatever he does, it always goes back to the question of “what’s in it for me.”

His “tough on China” stance is only a facade with no actual substance. It’s just optics. It’s smoke and mirrors. It is simply used to show his supporters how macho he is. Everything he did to “punish” China either yields to nothing, or ended up harming his own people. When he called the corona virus the Chinese virus, China did not suffer from it, but hundreds, if not thousands, of Asian Americans were faced with racist attacks of varying degrees, from verbal attacks to physical assaults. His trade war with China is costing a huge amount of taxpayer money and American farmers, businesses in the steel and manufacturing industries are all negatively impacted by it.

He does not support the freedom of speech. Anyone who says anything negative about him is “fake news.” Please tell me how he is any different from the CCP?

He supports police brutality in the name of “law and order.” He fails to publicly condone white supremacy groups, but instead, asked them to “stand down and stand by.” He admires dictators like Putin and Xi Jinping. With everything going on in Tibet and Xinjiang, he never condemned CCP for all the humanitarian crimes against minorities in China.

Kevin Yam made some very good points in his op-ed in Ming Pao, a major Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong, a couple of days ago. You can also read a summary of the piece in English on his Twitter posts. Unfortunately, as I expected, he was called a “friend of China” because of this.

But, friends, your enemy’s enemy is not necessarily your friend. Just because you and another person have the same enemy doesn’t mean the other person is someone you should support. It is a matter of principles. We should not support an evil monster just because we happen to hate the same bad guy.

Please think thrice before you declare you’re a Trump supporter, because when you support Trump, you’re also supporting lies, misogyny, racism, and a totalitarian regime.

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