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I’m Carmen, a contributor of the anthology HONG KONG NOIR (Akashic, December 2018). You can also find my writing in Vogue Hong Kong, Undomesticated, and other publications.

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網上欣賞來自香港、日本、台灣、南韓及中國等地最新電影 | 本季(第12季)由3月15日至5月1日,分別以網上及露天電影院(drive-in theater)兩種形式播放33部來自10多個亞洲國家的電影,其中多部更是全美首影。

Por Por

Por Por means maternal grandmother in Cantonese. My Por Por left us last week, on Thursday, February 25th, 2021. It’s never easy to say goodbye to loved ones, but I’m thankful she lived a full, blessed life. She was 95.

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Hi, I’m Carmen. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I had been a magazine writer and editor for some of the biggest names in Hong Kong, including City Magazine, Eat and Travel, and East Magazine. Read more