We Shall Ne’er Forget

by Carmen Suen in June 2013

There is a Chinese saying
That snow will fall
Even in the early days of Summer
When there is injustice in our land

And snow it did
In the capital of this thriving country
On the very day that innocent youths
With nothing but a truly patriotic heart
Were greeted by unimaginable violence
Twenty four dark years ago

For some of us
Living in the margins
Of the corrupted and the truth
In the shadows and the light
We never forget
And never will

The unexpected downpour
As if to say
We’re touched by your souls
Makes a theatrical backdrop
To the performance
Not approved by the few

With a heavy heart we shout
Let our voices be heard
Let our heroes sacrifice not in vain
Let the wrong come to an end

Is not just a string of numbers
It encapsulates the spirit of this enduring fight

A fight we shall ne’er forget


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